Video: Taurus Promises to be More like Dominos Pizza

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Taurus gives themselves an ultimatum and lays it out there for all the gun world to see. Yeah, yeah, yeah… I’ll believe it when I see it (I hope I have to eat my words some day soon).


BTW – Dominos Pizza still sucks.

  1. I recently had the chance to test the Taurus Lifetime Warranty. They will service, but only if you spend $60 to ship them the pistol. Even if the problem is due to their sloppy QA. They fooled me once, but won’t get me a second time. For me, Taurus is one and done.

  2. I do hope Taurus gets their act together sometime soon… It would be great for the gun industry. They make good guns, they just dont make them good enough… and the ones that are good enough are few and far between. If they can turn things around, and keep prices about where they are it will be wonderful.

    The fact that the market is booming right now will be a big help to them. I just hope they can indeed pull it off. Its gonna take a complete and total change from top to bottom within the company and throughout the manufacturing plant.

  3. I watched the video twice and I’m sorry to say I don’t think there’s any admission of a need for quality. I think they’re saying they’re ALREADY doing this and they’re making things better by continuing to reinvent old ideas and come up with new ones.

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