EA Sports Gives in to the Anti-Gun UK Bloggers

I mentioned this the other day on the Facebooks… Apparently some blogger over there (two actually) has gotten his nickers all in a bunch because EA partnered with a bunch of gun manufacturers to make their new upcoming Medal of Honor War Fighter game more realistic. His primary point of contention however centers around the fact that they are partnering with SOG to actually sell a version of the tactical tomahawk that is used in the game.

Did you get that? Anti-gun dude is mad about a blade. Where is the logic in any of that? Well, as you will read in the above link. The hawk has been pulled from sale (which was going to generate money for charity, BTW).

Both of the bloggers articles are completely void of reality and rely completely on sensationalistic hypothetical gun grabber nonsense to make their case that this is “outrageous”. And the whole idea of attacking this tomahawk promotion out of a desire for gun control is simply moronic.

I’m putting all this stuff in italics to emphasise how much it doesn’t compute to my middle-class British liberal brain.

You said it; not me, buddy.

In addition to that, the one clown that I linked to on Facebook even said at the end of his article that he was gonna buy one of the tomahawks. ‘Yes, I condemn this type of behavior, but boy I want one of those cool-ass hawks!’

Yet this kind of cooperation between game-maker and gun-maker seems to cross a line. (…) This move of EA’s seems devoid of any kind of responsibility around guns and gun-violence. (…) It just seems a but too much to me. And, yes, I probably would buy that tomahawk.

Oh piss-off, Nancy.

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