Walmart (Not associated with Gunmart) has gone full-on tactical

I guess its really a no-brainer… if you are gonna sell railed firearms then you might as well sell the asseccories to go on those rails too. We all know that Walmart (not associated with Gunmart) has jumped into the AR15 game with both feet. Well, they are also going ahead and offering many tactical asseccories to go with those guns.

It has been a while since I have been to Walmart, so I was actually surprised to see that they are now offering rail mounted bi-pods, VFGs, rail covers, rail mounted lights, and now tactical red dots too… They are selling my favorite budget red dot (Bushnell TRS-25 $81 on Amazon) for $100. Nice!

Cant wait until I can stop into Wally-World and pick up some 30 rd PMAGS and a Crimson Trace Laser.

3 Responses to Walmart (Not associated with Gunmart) has gone full-on tactical

  1. Thats a great point about seeing big name products like Magpul and Crimson Trace in Walmart. I dont think it would do anything to hurt their brand to be in walmrt and it would probably increase their sales to the point where they would have a hard time keeping up. It will be interesting to see if they try to go after getting their products on their shelves.

    • I dont know, I think that you could make the case that in the long term it might hurt their brand. It certainly would drive sales to be in the nation’s largest retailer and the nation’s largest gun seller.

  2. I still think that co’s like Midway USA and Brownels etc…. will still be viable and out sale walmart due to their long term relationship with gun owners.