Cant people just do that anyway?

Stupid question, I know… but cant people just turn in unwanted guns to the police anytime they want?

“We received some good feedback from those who came here today.  Our residents appreciated the opportunity to get rid of these firearms in a safe and controlled environment,” Sheriff Fleming said. “This is something we will look at repeating in the future.”

“We really worked to combine two events that would benefit a wide range of residents. I believe we have accomplished our objective, with the support of the County Commission, which was to get unwanted guns and prescription drugs out of homes and off the street.”

I mean, instead of spending $7,000 on a gun buyback program wouldnt the intelligent thing to do perhaps be to just tell people that they can bring their unwanted guns to the sherriff’s department to get rid of them in a “safe and controlled” way? Call me an idiot but I would think a decent marketing campaign would cost way less than $7,000 and would be a great way to let the community know that they have a standing offer… Or is the police department unwilling to take possession and dispose of an unwanted firearm?

Oh wait… thats right… its not about that at all. Its not about getting guns off the street. Its about grandstanding for the media and looking like you are actually doing something productive. Cause gun buyback programs stop crime… yeah thats it.

  1. It’s like those celebrities who wax rhapsodic about socialism while maintaining huge fortunes. No one is stopping them from simply donating their riches to the US Gub’mint but themselves.

  2. Yup, we can totally go to the local sherrifs office to turn in an unwanted gun. One of the guys here at work did it when his father died and his wife didn’t want the guns in their house.

    I agree with you that the local police should do a better job of letting the public know that they can hand in their guns at any time. Save themselves the money. What I don’t understand is the logic that a criminal is going to turn in their gun for a $100 gift certificate anyways. That makes absolutely no sense. I thought I read somewhere that most people will turn in guns that are broke anyways.

    I can’t beleive that people would turn in any of thier guns to be destroyed when they could find a happy home with someone elses…like mine. I’d promise to take real good care of them.

    1. Well, the problem is that criminals do turn in their guns. The vast majority of gun buy backs now are “no questions asked” events. Its the best way for criminals to anonymously dispose of guns that are used in crimes.

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