Range Trip and SR22 Report

I got the opportunity to go to the range with a few family members over the weekend… we put a bunch of rounds down range, I got to shoot a couple of new guns, and overall we had a really great time.

I mentioned on the Facebooks a while back that my sister-in-law bought her first gun not too long ago… a Ruger SR22. Well, this was the first time that I actually had the opportunity to run it. It was in fact the first time that I had actually even seen one in the wild, and I have to say that it was very impressive. It feels good in the hand. It has very good sights. The trigger is surprisingly wonderful, and for our particular outing it proved to be a 100% reliable gun. The only real negative for me is that I really dont like the safety… its one of those “backwards”, European style, down is safe safety. I dont like it. Its something that I have to stop and think about for a minute and consequently it feels very awkward. Its fine for a gun that is designed to be a range toy, but it was annoying to me. Accuracy on the SR22 is OK. Its not a target gun by any-means, but it is certainly good enough for a plinker.

Overall its a great gun, and it certainly would make a very fun range toy for just about anyone.

My sister-in-law has put a good many rounds through the gun and she is very happy with it. They have found that the gun favors high velocity .22s. However, if you stack the first eight rounds of the mag with federal bulk, and then top it off with two rounds of the high velocity stuff it works fine. 10 rounds of the cheap stuff and it will jam.

Its funny to see how much she loves the gun, because she is not really a gun person. Her husband is trying to get her comfortable around guns so that she has the confidence to handle their nightstand gun and perhaps start carrying concealed. So, to see and hear how excited she was about this gun and how comfortable she was at the range was really cool. Good job, Ruger.

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