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Man Orders HDTV From Amazon Gets Sig Sauer 716 Rifle Instead

Holy-freaking-crap thats awesome! He does look pretty happy… but the cops did end up taking his new toy.

Of course the brady bunch is trying to sensationalize things.

“Clearly, it’s a dangerous situation in America when assault weapons are so prevalent and can so easily end up in the wrong hands, especially given that the rifle was left on the doorstep. Thank goodness, Mr. Horvitz and his wife alerted the Metropolitan police right away. This mishap could have led to another tragedy.”

So… Is Amazon now the new target of the anti-gun loons? Or just mail order everything? Its really a pretty moronic move on their part to try to hold this up as an argument for gun control. Realistically this was probably just a key stroke error or some other kind of human error. Just about any kind of “adult supervision required” inanimate object could have been incorrectly sent to some random dude. So, unless you are really suggesting that we completely and totally ban all forms of online commerce then I dont really think you should be getting all worked up about this. This probably wasn’t even a miss-directed internet purchase… but rather a B-to-B shipment. Moronic.

Exit Question: Did this guy actually commit a crime by opening the box? If he didnt have an FFL than he cant take possession of a firearm. Clearly it was not the TV that he ordered and it probably had all kinds of indications on the outside of the box that it was a firearm (including probably an invoice). I wouldnt be surprised if an ATF loon would try to make this an issue.

UPDATE: For the record my reaction to opening the box probably would have gone something like this…

  1. I’ll see your exit question and raise you this — he may have committed a crime just by accepting the package. As you said, there were plenty of indications on the outside of the box that it was a firearm, and by bringing it into his house, he “took possession of it.”

    1. If you read the myfoxdc story (the first folks reporting it), it says the package was left for him in the hallway outside his apt. Also it says the shipping label was for him, but the invoice (which was inside the box) was for a gun shop in PA. Maybe it said what it was on the outside of the box, maybe not. Also if the shipping info was the wrong label, any pop-up notification that it required a signature might have been lost along with the correct shipping address in which case it could be that the UPS guy just left it on the doorstep.

    1. The only thing that I could think was that he would at least have a plausible argument that he didnt “knowingly take possession” of the gun… but I would think that would only hold up until the point when he opened the box. Remember, you can actually mail a gun to yourself and whoever receives it for you in the mail is OK as long as they dont open the box.

      I dont really know when the law says he would be responsible, but I do think you are right that he wont face charges. Even if he does, most juries would say that he didnt know and that he did the right thing ball calling the cops.

  2. I think that after the cops and the ATF poke around, this guy will not see any consequences. Its not like some guy accidentally-on-purpose got his AR to double, and then took it to the range to show his friends. If anyone gets into trouble it will be the people who sent a rifle instead of a TV. I suspect the ATF will do a quick inventory of their books. But the fact remains that they COULD probably take this guy to court if they wanted to.

    1. Yep, and thats whats so ridiculous about the ATF… it all comes down to what mood the particular agent is in that day. This guy most certainly should not face charges, but the way the ATF is run and the way they have set up the laws, I am sure they could probably make a case against him.

  3. I have a follow up question, what 3rd party Amazon retailer ships both electronics and firearms? Seems like an odd combination of products to have a shipping label problem when the the gun was re-boxed with the incorrect label but the correct invoice was in the box. I have bought many items from Amazon and never has there been even a tiny mistake let alone one like this. Maybe someone should check into the background of the receiver and find out where he stands on the issue of gun control. He has all of these great posed photos with the opened box before he called the police and the news agencies? Is it just me or does something smell fishy in Denmark?

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