Yeah, I love to play spot the concealed carrier when I am out and about. Its been a good long while since I’ve made somebody, but I just got two in two days.

I spotted one at Costco the other night (Yep, that means that there were at least two people packing heat in that anti-gun establishment), and then one the very next day at Target. Both people had the very distinctive bulge under their shirt… well, distinctive if you are in the know. I never would have even noticed the guy at Target if I hadn’t first notice his off-hand, mall ninja tactical folder that he was sporting.

  1. Dude. You are looking at other dude’s bulges? I think packing heat may have been a typo on your part; should have been packing meat ; ). I am kidding of course. I’ve been made on one occasion getting out of the car when my shirt got hung up on my meat, er I mean heat and the gentleman that saw just said hey you’re hanging out back there (6 O’ Clock). That was mighty nice of him.

    I have however coined a new term for what you are doing; you are officially a “Heat Gazer” and I am guilty of it as well. When it becomes a meme remember you heard it here first :o.

    Big Jim

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