Introducing the Freedoms Network

Freedoms Network Now Live

Upper Marlboro, MD   The veteran, gun rights activist and pastor known as the Black Man With A Gun has just created a new social media site for pro-gun bloggers, podcasters and their fans called Freedoms’ Network.

The site ( is like a mini-facebook that allows members to post pictures, and interact with each other without the fear of a change of anti-gun policy.  It also allows podcasters and bloggers that may not have their own forums to create their own fan base, collaborate, and cross pollinate.

Rev. Kenn Blanchard has been podcasting since 2007 on The Urban Shooter and had a web presence since 1999.  Blanchard also created the Blanchard Media Group (BMG) to take what he has learned to help foster better communication to all that want it. Through BMG, Blanchard hopes to provide members of the firearms community with new media services that include graphic design, voice overs, video marketing, and public speaking.  He also plans to grow the Freedoms Network, his blog, and his podcast along the way.   

Blanchard has also recently auditioned for a host position in Hollywood and hopes to get into television.

If you are a blogger or podcaster, entrepreneur and not already attached to a network you might want to consider joining the Freedoms’ Network.  Blanchard will help you get started, especially if you are looking to expand your audience in a troll-free environment.  He’s looking to foster the diversity of interest within the firearms world that is seldom seen.  Visit

Rev. Kenn Blanchard

Pastor, Podcaster, Media Producer,