New Feature Here on the Blog

I read a bunch, repeat a bunch of gun related stuff on the Internets each and everyday. Some of the more interesting stuff gets mentioned here on the blog, and some of the stuff falls through the cracks. Not that its not important, but sometimes I just dont mention some things that I’m not personally interested in, just not feeling that particular day, dont have an opinion on, or whatever…

So, in an effort to continue to provide you the reader with all the Gunnie news-you-can-use, I am starting a second-tier “Headlines” section of the blog. Its gonna be very rough at first (very rough)… just an extra page of headlines… but it will be updated several times each day with gunnie-stuff from around the Internets.

I’m honestly not sure if this is something that I will really enjoy doing or not, but I am gonna roll with it for a good while and see how it works out. There will still be fresh blog posts on the front page of the blog everyday and I will continue to write articles and do reviews and what not… but this will just be “bonus” material for ya, and a way for me to give a little more link-love to my fellow bloggers.

So bookmark the page and check back in throughout the day because I will be adding new headlines as I come across them. Also… Leave your feedback in the comments section here or shoot me an email if there is any particular direction that you would like to see this go. Also, if there are any new Gunnie-rific sites out there that you think I should check out let me know.

Thanks for your support,


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