Lucky Ammo Review

I was recently approached by the people over at with the opportunity to review some ammo. Of course, I am not the type of guy to turn down an offer for some free ammo so you can bet your safe-queen that I accepted. I also thought that it would be a great opportunity to write a little bit about their company in general and pass on my experiences with the ammo ordering process.

OK, so a quick recap for full disclosure purposes… Lucky Gunner offered me some ammo at no cost to me to write about without any requirements that I say anything positive. I accepted (hey, It does require ammo to do some of the things that I do at this here gun blog). Lucky Gunner is also an advertising partner here. If you click through the ads or links and purchase from them I do get a commission… There. Are we all clear on everything now?

Lucky Gunner has been around a while, and this is not the first time that I have actually gone through the ordering process with them. They carry an ample selection of handgun, pistol, rifle, rimfire, and shotgun ammunition, and you can order individual boxes of ammo or buy bulk cases. They also carry various accessories, parts, and even conversion kits (send me one, please). Their prices are very good (some of the best on The Internet), and their ordering process is quick and straight forward. All of their ammo is shipped via UPS, and their in-house processing is pretty darn quick. My particular order took a grand total of 3 days to be delivered – I was actually surprised to see the package at my front door when it arrived.

Ok – so now lets talk a little bit about the ammo… .32 ACP to be exact. They sent me 50 rounds of PMC 60 grain 32 ACP JHP ammo. Newly manufactured by PMC in South Korea, this ammo uses a jacket hollow point design and brass casings that are boxer primed and are reloadable. They have an advertised muzzle velocity of 980 fps and muzzle energy of 117 ft lbs.

At the range I tested these rounds merely for reliability. IMHO, when it comes to mouse guns at realistic fighting distances, minute-of-bad guy is all you really need.  It ran flawlessly in my Kel-Tec P32. I fired all 50 rounds they gave me by doing mag-dumps until they all were done.  I will point out that with JHP rounds in .32 acp it is vital that you use a rim-lock spacer in the the magazine. Since .32 ACP hollow-point rounds have a shorter overall length than FMJ the caliber is prone to “rim-lock”. This could potentially be a disaster in a self defense situation, but thankfully the spacer offered by Kel-Tec completely rectifies the problem.

All-in-all its a good round. Velocity and energy are pretty much what you would expect from any .32 ACP round. The jury may forever be out on the debate of FMJ vs JHP as a defensive round in this caliber… I know that I am still on the fence about the issue.

I have also found Lucky Gunner to be a pleasure to work with. They have been an advertising partner here on the blog pretty much since the get-go. All of the orders that I have ever placed with them have arrived without issue and in a very timely manor. They are a good company to order from, and I would definitely recommend them.