Beretta Vegas Shooting Range Back On?

If you have been following things on the blog, I have been doing some ongoing coverage of the loony opposition to Beretta wanting to open a high-end gallery store front and shooting range on the Vegas Strip. The local powers-that-be have really wet their pants over this one…. besides the fact that Bass Pro Shops already has a store front and shooting range inside of a casino in Vegas, they somehow think that “blood will run in the streets” if Beretta opens one.

As of my last reporting, it looked like Beretta was fully planning to cave on the matter… Now, AmmoLand has just published a press release officially announcing the up coming opening of the high-end store front INCLUDING the shooting range.

A piece of the Italian countryside can be found at every Beretta Gallery location, but the Las Vegas property looks to further enhance the Beretta Lifestyle experience by incorporating a Beretta Shooting Gallery, consisting of both simulated and live-fire opportunities. Beretta has partnered with VirTra to bring visitors five lanes of simulated fire and two virtual theaters providing 180- and 300 degrees of simulated fun. Live-fire rifle and pistol lanes ranging from 15-30 yards allow for a true firearms experience and all shooters will receive firearms safety training translated into multiple languages due to the international appeal of Las Vegas. At no time will outside firearms or ammunition be allowed inside the Beretta Gallery, nor will ammunition be available for sale; the objective is to provide visitors “Beretta Experiences” and on-site packages utilizing several types of Beretta, Benelli, Sako, Tikka and Uberti firearms, and the appropriate ammunition, will entertain and educate visitors