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Not to be confused with “Because Gun Blog“… yesterday the Huffington Post had a piece up which implies that hijackers will be able to take a 3D printer onto an airplane and print their own guns. Gasp!

The last several lines of their article about being able to print an AR15 lower from a 3D Printer:

In a separate development, a man has demonstrated a 3D printer which can fit into a briefcase. Ben Heck, a famed tech hacker known for his work modifying games consoles, unveiled the project. The printer is just 5 inches thick and can fit in the overhead compartment of an aeroplane (SIC – BTW).

    1. Yep, even taken to their ultimate end… even if someone snuck a printer onto a plane and printed a lower… What the hell good is it gonna do them with out all the other parts/ammunition needed to make it shooty? Putting that into the article they wrote is just retarded.

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