I’m Never Going to a Movie Theater Again

Yep, I just cant see myself going to a movie theater anymore. Granted, I wasn’t really a regular movie goer, but I did have every intention to take the kids to a matinee tomorrow…. but now after the Colorado shooting I think we will probably just go to the pool instead.

The reason I say this is because things wont change. Sadly this wont be the wake up call that is needed to make things safe at the movies. In the short term theaters will be more vigilant and they are adding extra cops as a “show of force”, but mark my words… it wont last. After about 6 months theaters are going to look at all the extra security costs that they are incurring and the fact that sales are still way down, and something will have to give. The added “security” will slowly fade away and within about a year’s time everything will be back to running exactly the way they were before the Colorado shooting. Movie theaters will once again be soft targets. And thats a scary thought.

Now, I know that what I am about to say is going to sound bad, so please to all you raving lunatic gun-grabbers out there who are reading this… please try not to pee yourselves with excitement and take what I am about to say out of context.

The worst part about the Colorado shooting is that it could have been a lot worse. Think about it. What if this had not been just one lone lunatic but rather a coordinated terrorist attack involving multiple gunmen going into multiple theaters and shooting the place up? Multiply the number of dead and injured by 5 or 6 or maybe even more. What if this had been multiple terrorists going into multiple theaters and sitting down with bombs strapped to their chests? Just imagine if nobody at all was able to get out of the theater alive. Now multiply that times 5 or 6 theaters… how high would the death toll have been then?

The simple fact is that movie theaters are very soft targets with a lot of people crammed into a very small place. Thats a recipe for disaster. Its no surprise that someone could bring any kind of destructive devise into a theater and kill a bunch of people. Throw in the fact that the posting of “Gun Free Zone” signs on the front door means that everyone inside is completely helpless against an armed attacker, and you have an open invitation for a killing spree.

In the short term, I seriously doubt that there will be a copy-cat shooter. However, movie theaters are now officially targets… For both terrorists and lunatics who want to be front page, national news. So, no thank you. I’ll just wait for movies to come out on Blu Ray.

  1. I had posted my response to another blog a day ago, this is my comment,,,,,,,,,

    While it is the right of a business to ban guns on their property, it is also my right not to patronize them. If people start to realize that their life is not worth a hour or two of entertainment then this business and others like them that ban ones self defense will loose their income, or should!

    However, I have a different take on private property rights. If I want to ban you or your gun or your shoes or whatever on my private property (my home) thats my right. BUT,,,,,,, At the same time I don’t use my private property for public business either.

    Any business that relies upon the public for revenue should do one of two things, allow people with legal carry to carry, or provide a secure entrance and armed security to be present at all times. They should also be held completely responsible for any of the aggressor/customer with malicious intent that happens to gain access with normal people and harms them if they, the business, doesnt allow for legal personal defense or provide a secure environment. Without such measures, that private business with public access should not be allowed to operate.

    A business, ANY buisness, is required to provide other measures such as hand rails, fire safety devices, floor covering types, lighting and so on for customer safety before they can even open their doors to public business access, so why not personal defense? Why is personal defense such a taboo? Private property rights? It makes no sense to me at all.

    If I see any sign that is no guns allowed, enforceable or not, I do not go in. Never have, never will. That sign is a invite to public massacre for crazies with weird agendas.

  2. I have to say I agree. Personally I have been surprised we haven’t seen other soft targets hit by the terrorist cowards in a coordinated effort (malls, sporting events, etc). I guess we should take that as a sign that for now, the good guys are winning.

  3. Why even bother going to the movies of your just Gunna worry about your safety and well being? We go to the movies to escape our worldly problems. How can we with the thought and worry in the back of our minds screaming: ” you could get shot! ” it was the perfect crime! Nobody expects an attack in a movie theatre! Plus it’s in the dark and the targets are distracted and totally unaware! How could anybody defend that monster! ( his lawyer ) if I were her I’d be terrified! He could snap her neck in an instant! Bottom line: You couldn’t pay me to see a movie in theatres!

  4. I’ve seen the “Gun Free Zone” signs. So what? If I don’t have to protect myself, you’ll never know I’m armed. If I do have to protect myself, all they can do, is ask me to leave. The only legally mandated gun free zones are gov buildings (and schools), hospitals, and bars. Everywhere else is a “No Trespass” situation. For the last 15 years or so, ever since concealed carry was legalized here, I’ve carried everywhere except at work. I sweat like a pig there, and my pocket pistol was starting to rust, so I keep it in my tool pouch. I’m not going to live my life afraid of what might happen. You do whatever you have to do to protect yourself, and if your neighbor doesn’t like it, he can find a church and whine to someone who cares.

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