I have arrived!

In my best condescending Wonka voice:

Gun Shop Wonka

In all seriousness, if you have not followed @GunShopWonka yet then you really should. The tweets thus far have been great. This one has been my favorite so far:

You think Hoppes works just like cologne? You must be beating the chicks off with a cleaning rod

Now a few more of my own doing before you go…

“Oh, you have a $3,000 scope on your rifle? You must be a former member of SEAL Team 6.”

“Oh, you have 150 Pmags all loaded up in your gun safe? I bet you will be the last one standing when the SHTF.”

“Oh, you bought that 30.06 at Walmart? I bet you bag sooo many deer.”

“Oh, you’re a gun owner who voted for Obama? I bet you are very popular down at the gun club.”

“Oh, you own a Glock? Please post pictures of this never before seen wonder for all the world to see.”

“Oh, I see you are wearing a Red Jacket Firearms t-shirt. You must be the world’s greatest gunsmith.”

“Oh, you are a gun owner? Please put a million gun stickers on your truck so we all know what a badd-ass you are.”

“Oh, you have a blog and you own a gun? You must be such an important gun blogger.”

“Oh, you keep a battle rifle in the trunk of your car? Try not to have a smile on your face if you ever find yourself caught in the middle of a race riot.”

“Oh, you’re a liberal and you own a gun? I bet you never get all worked up about other gun owners on the Internet being political.”

Exit Question: OK, spill the beans… who is behind that twitter handle?

  1. Here is my contribution…

    Oh, you conceal carry a full size 1911? I bet you win all of your gun fights.

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