Magpul AFG – I too dont like it.

I have bemoaned this in the past on this here blog, and have toyed around with the notion of doing a full run down on the Magpul AFG. Laziness has thus far won out… but Riflemen’s Blog has a review up that says it better than I ever could… so that pretty much saves me the trouble of ever having to do it.

The problem for me is that it just doesnt feel right in my hand. I personally prefer a thumb-up style of shooting (personal preference/YMMV/dont berate me in the comments section) with the use of a VFG. Especially when it comes to carbines. With a mid-length system I will sometimes get my hand further out there and use the “Magpul Method” of shooting, but even that has its limitations.

Look, I dont shoot 3-gun… nor do I shoot a rifle to show off for the YouTube cameras… I personally just dont see the value in the AFG… and I too would much prefer just a hand stop.

  1. Curiosity got the best of me and I picked one of these up to try it out. I get what you’re saying about personal preference though.

  2. Here we go again… bloggers thinking they are cool just because they are being contrarian. Guess what. Magpul has sold some what upwards of 20 billion of those things. They are a great product. You are wrong. Magpul is right.

  3. Eric, I am with you on this one!!! I, too, prefer the VFG and shoot thumbs up in the Magpul style, I just don’t care for the AFG. I have plenty of other Magpul stuff, and they make great kit!!! I just prefer my VFG, especially if it has other functions (lightlaser, battery storage, or in my case Grip-Pod)!!!

  4. Put me down on the pro-AFG side. Like you said, I dont really like them on a carbine, but on my rifle length setup its great.

  5. Alright I have to get in on this… I have played with both AFG models and don’t particularly like them. I shoot thumb forward with a VFG and found that the VFG is a better solution in other situations for me. I do, however, like the Magpul AFG on the forearm of my shotgun. :)

  6. I like mine, but then again my AR experience is measured in years and not decades. I may change my mind, but so far I am pro-AFG.

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