ATF Letting Guns Walk on U.S. Soil

TTAG is reporting that they have had correspondence with a gun shop owner who said that the ATF directly told them to allow what they believed was a straw purchase… and to continue selling to the suspected straw buyer over the next half a year:

A gun dealer pinged TTAG yesterday with an interesting story. “I had a woman come in to the store and buy a Glock. She did not look like your average Glock buyer. Two days later she bought another Glock. I called the ATF (the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) and told them I suspected she was a straw purchaser (i.e., a person who buys guns for felons). The ATF told me to let the sale go through. She bought a dozen guns over the next six months . . .

The ATF eventually busted her and two convicted felons. That’s great, but there are a dozen guns in criminal hands (in a major midwestern city). Why didn’t the ATF bust them after two or three guns?”

I will go ahead and say upfront that I can not speak to the validity of these claims. I have not spoken to their source and I have yet to speak with Robert about the claims.

I would like to say, however, that this wouldnt surprise me one bit if this is indeed standard operating procedure. The ATF has pretty much demonstrated over the years that they are nothing more than an organization constantly looking to create crimes for which they can pursue. When you throw in the fact that they (ATF +Eric Holder + Obama) were willing to flood the streets of Mexico with weapons for the sake of creating a crisis worthy of calling for a ban of firearms, it would not surprise me if they were willing to do the same thing here on U.S. soil to meet the same ends.

This is important… and it needs to be investigated with the same vigor and public scrutiny as operation “Fast and Furious”.