Frog Lube Follow Up – I’m in Love

I wrote a review a little while back about Frog Lube. I was extremely impressed with it then, and I am indeed at the point now that I am head-over-heels in love.

Since my last post on the subject I have put a few more rounds down range with my AR (without issue) and have started switching over the other guns in my “arsenal”. I have begun with my two .22 lr chambered guns because I really wanted to see how dirty and nasty I could get things before I had a failure.

I’m at approximately 1,500 rounds through the two guns without any issues. Cleaning and maintenance has consisted of a simple wipe down and re-lube at around the 500 round mark for each. We all know how dirty bulk .22 lr can be, but like with the AR the crud just wipes right off with a paper towel. Its amazing.

If you are in the market for some Frog Lube, Amazon has the best prices that I have seen. Go pick yourself some up… You wont be disappointed.

Up next… My nightstand gun… the Glock 17.

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