NBC Piece About @Amanda_Furrer Shows off Her AR15

Alternate Headline: #Winning!

lol… maybe someone should remind NBC that they are a left wing talking points machine. In a recent article about Olympic shooter Amanda Furrer NBC prominently features this Twitter picture of Amanda showing off her AR:

Amanda Furrer AR15

The article is a nice read and really shows Amanda in a great light… It just made me chuckle to see such a picture being featured so positively in an NBC article.

FYI – In the article Amanda mentions that their olympic rifles run about $4,000

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  2. I am surprised by NBC as well, I guess if it for the Olympics, that makes it nearly harmless for the liberal media to discuss? Even then – there are so many other sports. Interesting!

    P.S. I want an AR-15 just like that!

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