News Flash – Silver Ton Casino has a Bass Pro Shops in it

With all the hysteria that is breaking out over that proposed Beretta store/range that will be located inside the Palazzo Hotel and Casino…

“Our worst fear is the wrong person takes a gun, has ammunition secreted away outside the place and uses the casino floor as a firing range.”

A very astute follower on Twitter (@doja421) pointed out that the Silver Ton Casino already has a full service Bass Pro Shops located right inside the hotel.

FYI – Bass Pro Shops sells…..wait for it…..  Guns! … and they offer a shooting range right inside the store! Gasp! Oh the horror!

  1. Hmm, I think it’s illegal to sell alcohol and firearms in the same facility in Pennsylvania. Presumably, they serve alcohol in the casino. I can see how THAT might not go over well.

    They used to have gun shows at the Valley Forge Convention Center, but they aren’t doing them any more because they put a casino in the hotel. That’s the story I got anyway.

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