Sightmark Tru Shot

New Sight From Sightmark… The Tru Shot…


Full presser after the jump:

Mansfield, TX-July 10, 2012-The Sightmark Tru Shot reflex sight is a unique, midsized, lightweight reflex sight in the Sightmark reflex sight family. The Tru Shot is available in two models that offer the choice of a fixed mount or quick detach mount. Its compact size improves the obstruction of the surrounding in the line of sight. Specifically designed to maintain all important peripheral vision and depth perception, the Tru Shot is designed to be fired with both eyes open.
“The Tru Shot fills the gap between our Mini Shot and the Ultra Shot and is designed specifically with AR15s and shotguns in mind,” said James Sellers, president of Sightmark. “Its low profile design fits perfectly with the AR15 and shotgun platform, and it is compact and lightweight so it won’t weigh down the gun.”
The Tru Shot features a digital switch with five reticle brightness settings. Perfect for shotguns and rifles, the Sightmark Tru Shot is able to withstand heavy recoil with two locking screws that lock in windage and elevation adjustments.
“The depth perception on the Sightmark Tru Shot is nothing short of outstanding,” said Sightmark Pro Staff member, Carrie Zylka. “I love the fact that I can adjust the brightness to match the surrounding light and had a very positive experience while shooting with both eyes open. Within a matter of seconds I was dialed in.”
The Tru Shot Reflex Sight comes with Sightmark’s Limited Lifetime Warranty and helps you Make Your Mark!

  1. Their other Mini Shot and Ultra Shot are pretty good products. I might have to pick one of these up.

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