Concealed Carry at the Pool/Beach

That Texas Lady is talking about concealed carry in a bathing suit… from a woman’s perspective of course.

Now granted she is wearing a cover garment, but it just goes to show you that you can indeed carry a heater (and a backup knife) while wearing a bathing suit if you feel the need. In her post she demonstrates a couple of carry methods that would allow even a woman to carry concealed and not look out of place at all while at a public pool or a beach.

I will say that while her demonstrated methods do indeed get the job done, I think that you would be better served just using off body carry for the firearm. People think nothing of someone at a public beach or pool bringing a large bag/backpack/cooler with them and any one of those would work out perfect for off body carry of a firearm. Make use of a Gunvault Micro Vault or the more affordable Nano Vault to keep the firearm secure and you can have a full size handgun within arms reach at all times. I think that off body carry would work out just fine for about 99% of scenarios that you might run into in those situations.

  1. These are all great ideas, guys. I’m often wondering how to keep my Glock close when in a swimsuit. But the bigger problem is still what to do with it when you’re in the water. You can’t leave it, even hidden. I mean, if you have a big crew, that’s one thing, but otherwise, you need to leave it in your car trunk — not very helpful.

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