Review: Laserlyte Laser Trainer Target TLB-1

Laserlyte Laser Trainer Target

Not too long ago I had a package show up here at the Gunmart Blog Test Kitchen from the good people over at Laserlyte. They sent in one of their products to me that was recently named as the winner of the coveted 2012 Golden Bullseye Award for accessory of the year… The Laser Trainer Target.

Ok… so what is this Laser Trainer Target of which you speak? Well, basically what you have here is a ground breaking product which will allow you to conduct dry fire practice and record your exact shot placement. Yes, really.

Laserlyte Laser Trainer Target

The Laser Trainer Target works in conjunction with any one of the many Laser Trainers that are offered by Laserlyte. The Laser Trainer cartridges come in a variety of calibers including  9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, and .380 ACP. These are lasers that work just like snap caps and are inserted into the chamber of the handgun to use as an aiming devise (You might remember that I reviewed their 9mm version of these wonderful tools here on the blog a while back). When you pull the trigger and your firing pin hits the back of the cartridge the laser is activated. In addition to that, they also have a Universal Laser Trainer (LT-1) and a Laser Trainer Pro (LT-PRO). Each of these can be inserted into the muzzle of a firearm for practice. The Laser Trainer Pro works with pistols .35 – .45 caliber and the Universal model works with both pistols and rifles in any caliber from .22 – .50 cal.

The Laser Trainer Target is a really great tool. As much as I loved the Laserlyte Laser Trainer Cartridge back when I reviewed it, I am really excited at what a great addition the Laser Trainer Target makes to dry fire practice. You see, the best thing about this target (and the laser trainers as well) is the fact that it completely and totally removes all the excuses for not practicing. Rainy day, lack of ammo, shooting range limitations… well, throw all those things out the window and go have a hundred round workout with this thing.

The Laser Trainer Target is a great way to take routine and mundane dry fire practice and turn it into something that is much more fun and productive. It also is a tool that makes shooting much more approachable for new shooters. Yes, in my opinion, this may be the best way to introduce new or novice shooters to the basics of proper gun handling and marksmanship. Its 100% safe since there is no live ammunition involved. There is no recoil to be intimidated by so shooters can practice with guns (pistols or rifles) that may not be chambered in .22 lr. The target also gives you accurate feedback on shot placement. The accuracy of both the Laser Trainer Cartridges and the Laser Trainer Target are near perfect. That enables you to really make accurate judgments on how successful you were at putting the shot on target.  Training with this devise gives you instant feedback as to what you need to do to improve, and allows you to be able to see the improvement as the shooters skills grow.

This tool also is a great way for more experienced shooters to practice more advanced skills. I think the most valuable aspect of a tool like this is that it gives you a 100% safe way to practice things like shooting on the move and shooting from presentation – things which sometimes are not allowed at a local shooting range.

The Laser Training Target is about the size and thickness of a typical book. It measures in at 9.5 inches high, 6.25 inches wide, and 2.0 inches thick. It also weighs in at 1lb 4 oz on my postal scale. It runs on three AA batteries, and they are gonna get you about 6,000 shots before you are gonna have to replace the batteries.

Laserlyte Laser Trainer Target

The target itself measures in at 5 inches wide. When the target is “shot” the shot placement stays hidden until you “shoot” the red display circle. This allows shooters to concentrate on taking their next shot until they are ready to check their work. Once you are ready for a clean target just “shoot” the red reset circle. Pretty simple. Pretty cool.

Laserlyte Laser Trainer Target

The other thing that I find really amazing about this tool is that it has a usable range of up to 50 yards away. I dont think that this will usher in the end of plinking with tin cans, but it does mean that you can actually use this to do some legitimate target practice with long guns at more extended ranges. Coupled with the Laserlyte Universal Laser Trainer, you can turn your suburban backyard, your basement, or even your hallway into a rifle range and plink away until you heart is content… or until the batteries go dead. Once again, a really great way to introduce new/novice shooters to shooting with long guns.