News from MasterPiece Arms

MPA57 Series
The success of the MPA5.7x28mm series pistols have been overwhelming. Our first entry was the MPA57sst pistol. This weapon has performed flawlessly. Great accuracy, perfect feeding and ejection and low recoil. What more can you ask for?
This successful platform has taken us into other configurations:
  • MPA57sst-GR with Grim Reaper Hydrographics (same as seen on the MPA930T-GR)
  • MPA57sst-UD with Urban Digital Hydrographic
The only challenge to this product is ammo availability. It seems certain parts of the country have limited availability for the 5.7x28mm round while it is readily available in other areas. ATK (American Eagle) has introduced a FMJ version of the 5.7x28mm round. Less expensive than the FN varieties and still offering great performance and accuracy.
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New Buttstock Design
After trying to utilize standard, off-the-shelf buttstocks for our carbines over the years, we have finally designed a buttstock specifically for our product line. The new version provides the shooter the ability to utilize both the iron sights, as well as, a rail mounted scope. It is also reminiscent of the  original MAC wire frame stocks. These stocks are shipping now on various MPA carbines.
MPA new buttstocks
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Our suppressor sales have been better than expected. The reviews we are getting from the field are quite positive – with the performance of our Vigilant and Sentinel 22LR versions comparable to the other premium manufacturers that have a much  higher price point. We are working on our 9mm, 40 and 45 ACP models now and should have these out by fall.
The new Grim Reaper 22LR Sentinel supprossor has a great visual appearance, using the same hydrographic as seen on the MPA9300-GR pistol. The coating performs well for non-full auto 22 applications but care needs to be used when cleaning the tube, but this thing looks great!MPA 22 Sentinel Grip Reaper suppressor
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Adjustable Rear Sight

MPA Adjustable Rear Sight

Finally, MPA will be adding an Adjustable  Rear Sight to our SST versions starting late this summer. The new rear sight will compliment our adjustable AK front sight post to give the shooter complete adjustability for windage and elevation.
The new Rear Sight will be machined from 6061 aluminum and housed in a reversed version of our front sight. There will be an adjustment screw (machined on our swisstum CNC machines) and a lock pin to secure in place.
This new sighting system will compliment the accuracy capabilities of our Mac weapons. Did you know that we use ER Shaw barrel blanks for many of our weapons?
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New Safety Selector Design

MPA Safety Selector

Starting late this summer, we will be utilizing a new, fully machined safety selector. Other than “high on the cool factor,” it also provides a better grip surface to actuate the safety with only your shooting hand.