Bass Pro Shops Clarifies Their Concealed Carry Policy is reporting that Bass Pro Shops has posted their official policy on concealed carry on the Internet for all the world to see. I can’t find it on the Bass Pro website, but has it posted up and you can give it a read here (PDF).

Bass Pro Shops got some bad customer reaction to the article that wrote a little while back (I mentioned it here and here) that brought into question Bass Pro Shops’ respect for people’s rights to carry firearms for personal protection while inside their stores.

A bunch of people were really upset and gave Bass Pro an ear-full on the social media nets. Bass Pro Shops did the right thing by recognizing how upset their customers were and they moved very quickly to try to bring clarity to the situation. As I stated in my earlier writings, Bass Pro Shops is definitely pro-Second Amendment and does not wish to deny people the legal right to carry firearms for their own protection while in their stores. Bass Pro Shops does not require people to check their firearms that they are legally carrying for personal defense while in their stores.

  1. So starts a kerfuffle based on misinformation and resultingly hands Bass Pro Shops a firestorm of a PR problem to deal with… then they pat themselves on the back and claim that they benefited Bass Pro by what they did… all the while saying they just “host” the opinions of their writters and “its not their job” to worry about what their writers are putting out there ???? This is just one giant facepalm after another. needs to get their act together or its gonna be a real short ride for them.

  2. So, it seems that individual stores have their own policies. This can happen in a franchise situation, where the individual owners get to decide what’s what. Yet, it doesn’t seem that Bass Pro Shops is that kind of situation, right? It’s a corporation that should have a policy on concealed carry that’s the same in every store, as long as the policy is in line with the state’s ccw laws. What do you bet they’ll develop one pretty quickly?

  3. An update on Bass Pro policy as of June 17, 2013.

    I went to the Ashland, Va BassPro store specifically to ask the question. For starters, there is a sign at the front door stating that all firearms must be checked at the front door.

    I was able to talk to a manager, and the conversation was interesting. He stated they had a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, and they had no problem with CC unless you followed their sign policy. He stated that the company followed state law, in Va Open is legal w/o permit, and CC w/permit. However, if open carry occurs in their store, a trigger lock is installed while in their store. Same if you followed store policy and informed them of your weapon.

    Bass Pro has lost my business. Green Top is a few blocks away. They encourage gun owners.

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