Got it Wrong About Bass Pro Shops Policy for Concealed Carry

Heels and Handguns brought it to my attention this morning about an article that published the other day. I have to take a moment here to say that is wrong. Misinformed to some extent and definitely jumping to conclusions. Bass Pro only requires you to check firearms that are going to be serviced at their gun counter.

I have seen multiple correspondence from their corporate offices over the years that say they welcome people to open carry or concealed carry. I dont really know why got a run-around answer from them this time when they contacted them, but Bass Pro is very pro concealed/open carry. The only guns that have to be checked are the ones that are going to be taken out at the gun counter.

If you follow the link back to the forum thread that their article is based on you will notice that the incident involves a guy who wanted to take his gun out of his pistol bag at the counter to try some holsters out. Its not about concealed carry at all. This is about the extra level of safety that Bass Pro has tried to install to ensure that people who need to have their guns out at the gun counter are indeed 100% unloaded and safe. The gun counter guy in the story was just surprised when the guy from the forum was wanting to pull his pistol out at the counter without it having gone through their standard check in process to ensure safety. All the employee did was ask why the gun was not checked first and then asked him to go check it at the front before he took it out of the case. The guy from the forum didnt want to and fell back on his “legal right to carry” and kinda went off the deep end.

Bass Pro’s official policy is to allow open or concealed carry if it is legal. Of course in a business that large there are going to be employees that are misinformed about what the corporate policy and the law is, but the forum thread that their story is based on doesnt even seem to be an example of that. I think the article paints Bass Pro in the wrong light and is jumping to conclusions on this matter.

UPDATE: Bass Pro Shops Social Media guy has now weighed in over at Heels and Handguns about their official policy… They have no problem with it where it is legal to do so.

  1. Yes, you are exactly right. Bass Pro only wants you to check guns that are gonna be out of the holster inside their store. Their sign is not perfectly clear but its definitely not a “gun free zone” sign. I have stopped and asked before if it pertains to concealed carry and they said that concealed carry was fine.

    I have found that you kinda have to take the stuff over at with a grain of salt. They seem to me to be one of those websites that is just there to generate Google traffic and make money. It often looks like a place that is run by a bunch of newbies who are more writers than they are gun nuts. Every once in a while you will see them slip up and show their noob-ness… Can you say the word “clip”, because they can! lol

      1. I can also confirm that Bass Pro doesnt mind concealed carry or open carry for that matter. I dont open carry, but I have concealed carried in there many times and have also seen people open carry without incident.

        Its also funny how this has turned into a conversation about what noobs they are over there at…. It would be nice if they would get some actual gunnies on board over there to at least read some of the articles and reviews before they post them.

  2. You guys dont be too hard on… They have a good site going on over there. I have had correspondence with Chris Callahan a few times and have even spoken with him on the phone once and he seems like a good guy. They are gonna have growing pains just like any other site would (I have seen them call a mag a clip a few times too), but they are doing a good job of staying on top of the news and what not around the internet.

    1. They’re still just a google crawler though. If I am not mistaken they paid something around $700,000 for that dot com address just so they could setup shop and just be a venture capitol endeavor.

      1. And that is wrong. . . how?

        They paid the money, they’re growing their business, they’re putting money into circulation and they’re trying to promote the gun culture.

        Mistakes are going to happen, from the newest gun-owner who buys their first firearm today to the grizzled old-gray hairs that had a wheelgun tossed in their crib instead of a football. None of us are immune–but we ARE a community.

        JD Kinman

  3. While it is entirely possible that they got bass pro’s gun policy wrong it would not be their fault that they were given bad answers to their questions. If they ask bass pro what their policy is and a representative from bass pro says ‘We hate guns’ (not that I’m saying they did) the BASS PRO HAS PAINTED ITSELF poorly not

    Also if you are going to question their journalistic chops perhaps you should provide references to back up YOUR claims. (As in links to the article, the forum post and your correspondance that indicates bass pro’s policy) You can say, ‘Your wrong and I have the proof but everyone will just have to take my word for it.’

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. Fix your part, they will fix theirs.

  4. I have been in two Bass Pro stores that do not allow carry of any sort. At the Bass Pro in Springfield, Missouri (corporate headquarters) there is no way you are going to bring a gun into that store without a major hassle.
    You enter the store, and they have a security guy lock it up. You bring it to the pistol range, where the clerk unlocks it so you can shoot. When you are done, he locks it up again, and you have to stop by at the exit and security unlocks it again.
    They can say what they want, but my experiences at the store say different. If you are ever in Springfield, see it for yourself.

  5. I had a very scary experience at the Bass Pro Shops in Las Vegas. When they checked in my pistols they actually POINTED the gun AT me, not to mention several other customers! They are basically using untrained people to check guns – bad idea! Thankfuly, I always have my guns unloaded when not in the holster. MAJOR SAFETY ISSUE!!!!

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