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US Army Bans Polymer M4 Magazines

The news broke over the weekend that the US Army is trying to standardize things with their M4 magazine selection. In a nutshell, commercial magazines will no longer be allowed. (Hopefully this means that we will see a drop in the price of PMAGS in the not so distant future) They are basically banning the use of all polymer magazines for the sake of everyone being on board with their new tan follower aluminum USGI mags. The new design has an anti-tilt follower that the Army claims is far more reliable than the PMAG. In the mean time, the Army is requiring soldiers to use the flawed and jam prone magazines with the green followers.

RTB’s opinion on the matter:

What’s nice about being a civilian rifleman is that you can find a product that fits your needs and use it without ‘higher-ups’ making decisions for you.

Obviously that guy has never met my wife. Ha!

Memorial Day

I will be enjoying mine, and I hope you do too. Gonna be BBQing later on today… for the third straight day actually. I’ve been running my grill hard all weekend. I’ve been doing steaks, chicken, and vegetables (I love grilled okra)… but I’m just gonna keep it simple with some burgers (from Omaha Steaks) today.

Dont forget the reason for the season, and why we get to enjoy this great nation in the way that we do. God bless our troops, and those who have died to keep us free.

(AR toting) Jeff Barth for Congress!

The video is long, but stick with it. He busts out the AR at the 3:00 mark (It looks like he was firing blanks). I also like how he called the DC Insiders “horses asses” (Thats racist). He’s got my vote… if he keeps that rifle propped up behind his office door where in belongs.

Compound Bow 12 ga Shotgun

I kid you not…. Some guy on the Internets decided to modify a compound bow to shoot a 12 ga shotgun shell. The recoil does look fake, but I’m guessing that it could actually work if you could consistently get the firing pin to line up…. and not break.

What say you?

Range Report

You know… I would have a lot more to blog about if these damn guns of mine weren’t so boringly reliable (I hope I didnt just jinx myself).

Yes, I was actually able to slip away amongst this very busy week that I am having and hit the range for a little while. I ran 200 rounds through my Gen 4 Glock 26 which is proving itself to be ‘Glock‘ in every sense of the word. Zero problems to report what so ever. I am becoming very happy with this Glock/Crimson Trace setup, and I have to say that I now officially favor their Lasergrip “backstrap-style” of activation as opposed to their “front-grip” style of activation that is found on their Laserguard…. I have to emphasize here that there is certainly not anything wrong with their Laserguard, its merely a personal preference on my part.

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