Frog Lube Review

I mentioned a while back that the good people over at Frog Lube sent me a product sample to test and evaluate. What they submitted for testing was what they call their “4 0z kit“.¬† It comes with 4 oz of paste, 4 oz of liquid, a brush, a towel, and full instructions.

Frog Lube Review

Frog Lube is a very interesting product, and something that had not even been on my radar until very recently. Its a 100% biodegradable, non-toxic CLP (cleaner, lubricant, and protectant) that is made from food-grade components. Whats so special about this stuff is that it chemically bonds to the porous surface of the firearm components and in fact dissolves carbon on contact. Its 100% safe for all firearm components and wont degrade rubber, plastic, o-rings, or even polyurethane… Oh, and did I mention that its minty fresh! Seriously, it has a very pleasant minty smell to it. Its kinda odd at first, but its far better than the way most gun cleaners smell.


Frog Lube Review

Like I said, the 4 oz kit comes with everything that you need to lube-up and get going including full instructions for the application process. Its all pretty straight forward. All I did was do a simple field strip of the weapon and then lubed it up from there.

Basically, you are gonna need to heat things up a little bit in order to apply the product. That means either heating up the weapon components or the Frog Lube itself. You can either pop the Frog Lube in the microwave for a couple of seconds (I’m not joking) or you can heat up the firearm by either placing it in direct sun for a while or by using a heat gun on the parts that are going to be lubed. I have even read on the Internets that you can place the parts into a crock-pot on low to heat things up. Essentially this stuff goes on like butter, and you’ve got to get things warmed up to get the “butter” to melt enough to spread it all over the bread firearm. The heat is also important to aid in the chemical bonding process.

Luckily my wife has a super-duper, melt your face off, industrial strength hair dryer that worked very well for this process. I simply took the application process in stages and heated up a few parts at a time as I went along. The hair dryer worked out very well. So well, in fact, that at times the parts were too hot to touch.

Like I said, the stuff kinda just goes on like butter. When the paste is brushed onto the hot gun parts it turns into a liquid and can be spread evenly over all of the parts that need to be lubricated. The bottle of liquid Frog Lube that they sent me works just like a traditional gun oil and can be squirted into hard to reach places. I also found that the liquid was the best way to send the Frog Lube down the barrel of the rifle.

Frog Lube Review

It didnt take too terribly long to lube up my rifle with this product… no longer than a traditional lube/clean would take. You want to pretty much just cover every portion of the gun until its nice and “wet” with lube. Then give it some time to let it do its chemical bonding thing and wipe off the excess. The included micro-fiber towel is the best way to remove the excess lube… paper towels just wont cut it. Once I started to use it, I was very glad that it was included in the kit.

One very important thing to note, is that it took almost none of the product to lube up one of my rifles. This means that this 4 0z kit is gonna cover several firearms very easily and its gonna last for quite a long time… even with regular re-applications. There is a lot of “bang for your buck“, if you will, with this little kit.

At The Range

At the range this stuff is really cool to see work. As you start your range session, you can see the stuff once again get “wet” as you shoot. Whats happening is that as the gun is heating up the lube is moving back into a liquid from a solid and basically flowing around all the moving parts like motor oil would be doing in a car. Its heating up and becoming more viscous to keep everything running as smoothly as possible. No, its not gonna start dripping all over the place and running off of the weapon, but its easy to tell that it is actively lubricating the moving parts of the firearm… and doing a damn good job of it. As the gun cools back down again the Frog Lube becomes a solid paste once again and absorbs the carbon and grime that came with the shooting session.

Another important thing to note is that the Frog Lube people have done some testing and found that the lube that you put down the barrel can increase muzzle velocity by 3-11%. Yeah, its that slippery!


Ok… I first have to say that this is one of the most impressive parts of the entire Frog Lube experience for me. Yes, its a highly effective lubricant, and its obviously very viscous. It also does a great job of keeping guns running in very adverse conditions, but from my experiences with the product the thing that really stands out for me is the clean up process. Its amazing. All I did to clean my rifle after each range session was to field strip it, wipe it down with paper towels, and run a bore snake through it one time (which probably wasn’t even needed). What is so amazing is that thats all it really took. When you first breakdown the weapon its obvious that the Frog Lube had done its job. All the carbon and fowling¬† and gunk had obviously clinged to the Frog Lube. All it took to remove it from the gun was a simple wipe down. I was amazed. It just simply wiped right off. It took no scrubbing and very little effort at all.

What amazed me also was how clean my hands were at the end. If you have ever cleaned an AR you know how nasty your hands, shirt, and everything else are after the process is over. Its nothing like cleaning a pistol or any other gun. Its nasty, and it takes a ton of scrubbing to get all that crud off your hands. However, cleaning this gun that had gotten the Frog Lube treatment was just not the case. Everything was on the paper towels because all the carbon and fowling had been absorbed by the lube. All I had to do was one single hand washing and you would have never even known that I had just cleaned an AR.

So Whats the Bottom Line?

Simply put… this is a spectacular product and I am completely sold on this as a CLP for all of my firearms. Its a great lube. Even without doing any kind of scientific testing to measure the viscosity of the product, I can tell you that it flat-out works. Just by the hands-on feel of the way the firearm cycles and functions its easy to tell it was doing its job really well. It makes cleanup an absolute joy, and its proving itself in some very harsh conditions to be one of the best protectants around. I’m totally convinced… and like I said, I am gonna be putting this stuff on all of my firearms. Pick some up for yourself. You wont be dissapointed.

  1. If this works as you describe, it could be huge for revolver shooters. In my world there is no other cleaning task worse than trying to get the cylinder face clean.

  2. The new Frog Lube is not the original, it is sticky, seporates, and smells different. What changed from 2011 when the product was good?

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