.22 lr Lethality

Interesting video over at ENDO about the lethality of .22 lr at long distance. They use the breaking of a 1/2 inch pine board standard for judging lethality. It takes 59 ft/lbs to pierce the board. IMHO, I dont really see this as an all encompassing test of lethality, but it certainly is a good measure.

The .22 short was also impressive.

Also, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… .22s dont kill people. Women with .22s who are about to get raped do!

  1. Interesting. They don’t mention whether the Army used yellow or white pine, which have different densities, or whether they tested their sample to see much pressure was required to penetrate it.
    I think I’ll try this to see for myself.

    1. Yep. Small caliber homicides (.22, .25, .32) are also a theme on old “Law and Order” episodes, and I wondered if it was political – “all guns, even tiny ones, should be banned” – or it was a New York kind of thing. It seems like .38 Special or even 9mm later in the 90s would have been more popular.

  2. I can tell you,a 22 in the hands of a GOOD shot can be lethal.Ive known of deer taken at 200 yards with a 22LR Hollow point.lucky shot ,but still.All you have too know IS WHERE too put the bullett.

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