Free Training Class From Rob Pincus

If your mico 1911 can make it through one of his classes, he is willing to pony up the cost of the class.

I have gotten tired enough of watching people fight with 3″ “subcompact” 1911 .45′s to put this video (and the accompanying challenge) out in public.

I think 1911s are a bad idea to start with, but it is simply reckless to offer these mini-versions as defensive firearms to the public. They have a ZERO PERCENT Success rate in my training courses…. Never had one not fail. Yes, people will undoubtedly post how they have the magic unicorn Ultra Carry that never chokes. Cool— SHOW UP at a class and prove it…. I’ll refund your tuition and pay for the ammo if it really runs and you really run it

I’m not gonna get dragged into a flame-war here about what gun is the best, but Rob has seen a lot of people put a lot of rounds down range from a bunch of different guns. When he makes a definitive statement like this, its worth listening to.

Michael Bane also has an opinion on the matter.