Ruger and Crimson Trace Team up Again

Here is the press release for yet another partnership they are involved in… Coupling that Rail Master with the SR22 is a great idea, and thats gonna go over really well. Nothing is known yet about price points, but if past offerings are of any clue then there will certainly be a cost savings that comes with buying the package deal.

For Immediate Release May 24, 2012 Ruger And Crimson Trace Offer The Ultimate In Firearm and Laser Sight Packages Wilsonville, OR — Ruger and Crimson Trace continue to enhance their working relationship with Crimson Trace equipped firearms for the hugely popular LC9, LCP and LCR (.38, .357 and .22) models. Available direct from the manufacturer, these ideal concealed carry pistols are available with factory-installed Crimson Trace laser sights which provide the customer with the world’s finest low-light sighting solution. These packages build on the relationship developed when Ruger introduced the category-defining LCP pocket pistol, which rapidly became the biggest selling SKU for both companies. Shaping up to be the most popular OEM combination for 2012 is the marriage of Ruger’s petite SR22 autoloader and the Crimson Trace Rail Master™ compact rail mounted laser sight. This package has been well received as an ideal training aid and for small game and varmint hunting. “We’re pleased to continue the development of our Ruger partnership,” said Jeff Goddard, Director of Sales for Crimson Trace. “Both companies are market leaders, so it makes sense to team up to provide the customer with even greater value in their choice of recreational and self-protection firearms.” Crimson Trace-equipped Ruger pistols are available through regular distributor and dealer channels. For more information contact the Crimson Trace Sales Department at 1-800-442-2406.