Yep, Ammo Prices are Still Going up

Stopped by the local Walmarts (not associated with Gunmart) the other day, and I noticed that prices are going up yet again. I now make it a point to pick up a couple boxes of .223 if they have them in stock… as of recent, they have not had any, and what they have had has been getting more and more expensive. I paid $6.97 for a box of 20 55 gr Federal American Eagle .223 FMJ. Thats up about 25 cents from last time I saw it, and up about a buck from a while back.

Oh BTW, I saw the other day that they are now offering this stuff in 50 gr with a polymer tip. Interesting.

  1. Be glad your Wallymart offers federal. The only reasonable priced stuff here at the two closest to me is TulAmmo. And they sell out within 24 hours of stocking it.

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