Talking ARs: .22 Upper vs Conversion Kit

Jeff over at GunBlog is taking on the topic that I have been going back and forth on for a while now. He talks about his CMMG .22 conversion kit and the frustrations that he has had with finding the right ammo for it.

I am really on the fence about this. I’m sure that I will probably be getting one of the two in the not so distant future, but I am still unsure which route I should go. The more research I do the more I am coming to the conclusion that a dedicated .22 lr upper is the way to go. They run a little more money, but they seem to be more dependable and more accurate. They are about twice the price (I’ve seen them come in at around $300-$350).

RTB did a review a while back on a pretty good upper that is on my maybe list…. DPMS.

What say you?

  1. DPMS’s center fire stuff is unmitigated shit. I wouldn’t touch it with someone else’s dick on a ten foot pole

      1. Glad to see they’re finally making something that doesn’t suck. One question though: was the T&E upper sent to him or did he purchase it w/o DPMS knowing he was planning to test it. I’ve seen far too many glowing reviews from gun rags about something being the hottest shit since the double stack mag and then word on the street is that the product is crap. Gun mfrs have a tendency to send better than average items out for T&E.
        If it wasn’t sent from DPMS and street price is sub $350 I’ll probably be asking my LGS to order one over for me.

        1. They sent it to him, but I dont know how much work they would put into bomb proofing a sample they sent to a lowly little gun blogger. You are right though, that does happen a lot.

          Interestingly, I cant find the upper on their site anymore. I wonder if they still offer it.

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