The Case Against Mouse Guns

Gracie puts together a nice read on why she carries a full-sized gun. She is right. Given the choice, you should always opt for Seal Team 6a rifle … a full-sized handgun. Given the choice.

*Full disclosure: There is a .32 ACP in my pocket right now as I write this.

**I will tell you also that one of the most sobering things in the world is to see some big, burly dude while you are out and about and stop to think, “damn, I would hate to have to defend myself against that dude with just this little pea shooter in my pocket”. I have run into some dudes before where I can honestly say a mouse gun probably wouldnt be enough. Hell, a mack truck probably wouldnt have been enough.

  1. My Grandfather carried a 25 auto most of his life and i asked him one day why.he said, I carry 2,have you ever seen the other? i said no. well let me tell,the little one is too get there attention,the 44 behind the back takes a little longer too get out. I just whent on and said no more….he was 90 at the time.

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