Ebbs has a KRISS Vector Review

Put me down for “Meh“.

I just dont really get the appeal of the civilian carbine version of this gun. For one, its a pretty expensive firearm. For two, outside of the SBR version of this I just dont really think that its that useful of a tool. The pistol version might cut it as a PDW, but I am not really sure about the shoot-ability of the weapon without a stock. Dont get me wrong, the KRISS looks to be an amazing weapon, but its one that was designed from the ground up to be an upclose fighting gun… putting that civilian legal 16 inch barrel on the end just seems to me like someone taking a Ferrari and putting a governor on it. If the SBR laws in this country were ever changed, I would probably scrape my nickels and dimes together and buy one, but I just cant see the point in shelling out that kind of cash for that particular gun.

Great writeup none the less… with pics and video too, so go check it out.