I just spent $75 on gas

Yikes! was pretty much my reaction. Thats the most I have ever spent at a gas pump before. I dont drive an SUV or anything… I just drive a 4 cylinder Honda and I dont have a boat or anything to fill up. I was actually just filling up about 3/4 of my tank and my two 5 gallon gas cans, but it was by far the most I have ever dropped for gas.

When I was a little kid (5 or 6 probably) my aunt and uncle had one of those huge ass RVs. They came to visit once and the day before they were scheduled to leave they took the RV to go get it filled up with gas. I being a little kid of course wanted to go for a ride in the big old RV… I can still remember how shocked I was when I saw that it took $100 to fill the thing all the way up. I was absolutely floored by the idea. What is sad is that now a days we are getting darn close to it taking $100 just to fill up a SUV or a truck.