Jerking the Trigger Reviews the MagPod

Matt got an inside track to getting his hands on the cool new MagPod. You can read his great write up here. I think this is a really cool product, and something that is gonna sell very well. And oh by the way… Matt is right about that sacred cow elephant:
First, like I did in my first MagPod post, lets take care of the elephant in the room. The MagPod is designed to allow shooters to use their Magpul PMAGs more efficiently as a mono-pod to steady their rifles in the prone position. So, it promotes resting the magazine on the deck which many people wrongly believe will cause their rifles to malfunction. This is simply not the case. It has been shown over and over by several instructors who teach this technique and oversee hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of rounds being sent down range that this is a valid technique that will not cause malfunctions with a quality magazine and quality rifle. There, I feel better.