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A Look at the Walther PPQ

Over at Moderno there is a really nice review and a 1,000 round follow up and a 2,000 round follow up. Some good reads.

I really like the Walther PPQ. The trigger and ergonomics are amazing, the pistol is reliable, accurate, and can be both a concealed carry gun as well as an open carry gun. What more could you want?

Look what followed me home from the gun store…

“He must have gotten lost; been part of a convoy or something”

Dont worry, I will give him a good home (Wait arent you supposed to refer to guns as women?) Anywho… what you are looking at here is a 9mm Gen 4 Glock 26 with the large back strap installed.

For those of you who have been following along, this is Glock 26 number two for me (If video games have taught me anything…). This one was purchased so that I could give my wife back her Glock 26 that I had acquisitioned from her when I got my concealed weapons permit. Yes, I am a big fan of the 26 and its my #1 choice for concealed carry (YMMV).

My wife was really glad to get her gun back too. Really glad. She literally squealed like a little girl with the excitement of it all (which is ok because she is a girl)…

If you ever have to go buy a gun because your wife really wants her gun back, you might be a redneck.

As excited as she was, I have to say that I was kinda bummed. I felt like I was loosing an old friend in a way. This has been my primary carry gun for as long as I have had my permit. Its got a lot of rounds through it and has proven to be a ridiculously reliable gun. I’m pretty bummed about not having it on my hip anymore. On the other hand, I do want my wife to have as reliable of a gun as possible, so that is very reassuring.

More to come as I can get out to the range and put this thing through its paces.

*No, I will not being doing a full-on generational side-by-side picture spread. The Internet already is very well versed in that.

Crimson Trace Rail Master

I have mentioned this a few times in the past here on the blog … but here is the official press release. Great price point too.

Crimson Trace Launches The Rail Master™ Laser for Picatinny-equipped firearms
(Wilsonville, OR) Crimson Trace, market leader for integrated laser sighting systems, today announced the release of their new Rail Master platform for all rail-equipped firearms. With an MSRP of $149, the innovative laser sight sets new standards for durability, battery life and quality. Featuring a tap on / tap off switch, the compact unit comes with four interchangeable inserts which utilize Secure-Lock Technology™ to enable a custom fit to any handgun, enabling the user to adjust the sight’s location on the rail to optimize activation.
“The new Rail Master is the most versatile laser sight available,” said Kent Thomas, Marketing Director for Crimson Trace. “Our design group took great pains to make incorporate all the quality engineering that has been a hallmark of Crimson Trace products and we’re proud to be able to offer a low light solution for the widest possible selection of handguns and long guns.”

The Rail Master offers a four hour battery life as well as the most powerful laser permitted by law. When mounted on a handgun, the low profile sight holsters easily and barely extends the profile of the frame. It sits unobtrusively on the railed handguard of an AR15 and extends the versatility of this highly adaptable rifle. Fully adjustable for windage and elevation, the unit retains zero when removed from the weapon and runs on easily available 1/3N batteries.