Sig Sauer 1911 in .357 SIG

Caleb broke the news that Sig is going to be offering a 1911 pistol chambered in .357 SIG.

Initially, four models of SIG SAUER 1911s will be offered in .357SIG, two 5″ full-size guns and two 4.2″ carry models. Following their .45 Auto counterparts, these 1911s feature match-grade barrels, hammers and sears. Skeletonized triggers and hammers reduce lock time and offer enhanced accuracy.

This is really cool, and its something that I think 1911 fanboys are going to go nuts over. The Coonan .357 magnum 1911 has been out for a while now, but I have been really surprised that no one has offered a 1911 yet in .357 SIG. I’m no gun builder, but I would think that producing a quality 1911 in .357 SIG would be far less challenging than .357 magnum. Not to bad mouth the Coonan at all… both pistols have their place and both will appeal to various consumers. Celebrate diversity, people!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Its a great time to be a Gunnie aint it!?