Winchester PDX1 .223

Rifle Shooter Magazine has a look at the Winchester .223 Personal Defense round. Its a round that is designed to partially fragment yet still have a solid core to penetrate.

As for performance, I visited Winchester and spoke to their designers, who showed me high-speed video of the bullet in gel tests. In the video, it is clear to see that while the bullet expands, fragments of it break off and create separate wound tracks, diverging from the initial impact line, just as the 55-grain full-metal-jacket load typically does. The harder-alloy base continues on in a straight line, delivering just a bit less than the one-foot minimum penetration that the FBI test protocols require.

It won’t penetrate on sheet metal, wallboards and the like as well as a bonded bullet does, but it also won’t over-penetrate on a frame dwelling to the extent the bonded bullets do. Wallboard barriers are not a big deal, as the PDX1 still produces 11 inches or so of gelatin penetration and 55 to 60 percent retained weight.

Looks like I just found my new home defense round.

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