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I have actually been in the market for a two-point sling as of recently… which is, IMO, the only way to go for a fighting rifle… Well, I stumbled across the fact that the guys over at actually roll their own from para-cord. They somehow found it in their gracious hearts to send me one as a nice little freebie…. unsolicited, I might add…. Sweet!

Para Cord Two-Point Rifle Sling

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I have to say that this is a great sling. With 65 ft of para-cord it makes for a thick and sturdy strap to comfortably hold your rifle. The weave is very well done — the one they sent me was done with a black center and OD green overlay. Its a well thought out design that has been very well executed. The hooks are top notch quality, and the adjustable nylon strap and quick release (also done from para-cord) are very handy.

Para Cord Two-Point Rifle SlingThe bottom line here is that this is pretty much everything you could ever want and/or need in a two-point sling…. The price is right (only $39.99), its rugged and built to last, and the cool factor is way up there too. Its a winner in my book, so if you are in the market for one I would highly recommend theirs.

They offer a few other para-cord items in their online store as well, with a bunch of different color combinations to choose from…. and I’m sure that if you wanted them to one-off you a custom order, they could probably para-cord out just about anything your little heart desired. Go check them out.

Para Cord Two-Point Rifle Sling

*I posted more pics here

*Yeah, and they also sent me a cool key-fob too:

Para Cord Two-Point Rifle Sling

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