The Delta Force Appraoch to Handguns

Richard over at GHAG has a really interesting email posted up about the Delta Force’s (Yes, the real honest to goodness ninjas) approach to handguns.

Apparently, those 1911s that they were so famous for were abandoned because they were so high maintenance… including the need for regular X-Rays. Wow! They also are believers in the philosophy of ‘put as many shots into the SOB as you can until he stops‘.

And we changed the way we shoot. In training Army it was two in the chest and one in skull if needed. Now, if I give you 1 you are getting 2, if I give you 2 your are getting 5, if you get 5 then you get the rest of the mag. Plain and simple I am not going to let you get up and hurt one of my team mates.
And we will put all my shots right across your pelvis and then the shoulder girdle. I don’t care if you got a trauma team on hand, 5 shots across the pelvis and you ain’t getting up. The enemy is likely to wear some kind of armor now a days just as much as we are. 2 in a 3×5 card ain’t cutting it. So there are lots more ammo expended in training, which effects how well the guns hold up also.

As Richard says, they train to where the body armor is not.