Review: Versa Carry Holster

I mentioned the Versa Carry holster to you the other day… and since then this has been a pretty hot topic on the Internets. Bloggers have been pretty much all over the place with their opinion of this product.These holsters take a very unique approach to the idea of holstering a gun. Ultra minimalistic in design, these holsters secure the firearm by means of a caliber specific dowel rod (for lack of a better term) inserted into the muzzle. The rod is angled backwards and does a good enough job of retention that I was actually able to turn my holstered Glock upside down and shake it a good bit without it falling off. The draw stroke is also very nice, and the belt clip does a wonderful job of retaining the holster in its place of carry.

Versa Carry Holster

Now, the biggest issue that many people have with this holster is the fact that these holsters do not cover the trigger of the handgun. For many, that is an immediate dis-qualifier. I am of the opinion (and it is just my opinion… YMMV) that with IWB carry and a double action trigger its not really a legitimate problem. Yes, that slaughters a sacred cow, but I will tell you that I spent a good long while attempting to pull the trigger while the gun was holstered in my waistband and was never able to do so. While being carried the gun is safe…. even with one in the pipe.

The only danger I can foresee would be if an article of clothing got inside the trigger guard while putting the holstered gun into your waistband. After having spent some considerable time over the weekend working with this holster, I believe that if the gun is handled in a safe manor and typical care is taken, then there should never be a problem.

It seemed very odd/weird the first several times I used it, but if you can get past the mental hangup of it all then there really shouldn’t be a safety concern. There is certainly no more danger of discharge then there is whenever you re-holster your gun into a traditional style holster… as long as the same care is taken. If you want to talk about negligent discharges, I could write an entire book on guns going off while being put back in their holster.

BTW – Romeo Tango Bravo broke the news that there will be a Gen 2 version available soon that will be designed to cover the trigger.

Versa Carry Holster
Versa Carry Holster

The other major contention others are having is the holstering/re-holstering of the firearm. First, let me say that you can quickly and easily holster the gun without muzzling yourself. The retention rod has enough flex and narrowness to it to easily insert it into the barrel without getting your hand anywhere near the muzzle.

Re-holstering must be done by removing the holster from the carry position first. Many have deemed this a major problem as well, but I personally dont feel that it is a deal breaker. For one, if you do need to re-holster, it can be very quickly and easily done. I was able to do so completely and go back to concealment in approximately five seconds.

Secondly, I am of the belief that in 99% of situations where a civilian concealed carry holder draws their gun, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to re-holster…. and certainly there is no need to hurry to do so. If you had to fire your weapon and the cops are on their way, then just set your gun on the ground when they show up. If you didn’t shoot anybody and the situation diffused itself, then you should probably take as long as possible to calm yourself down and then re-holster as carefully as you possibly can. If you are a civilian CWP holder, just dont do it. If you have to, then take the holster off and then re-holster. There is absolutely no need to do a speed re-holster of any kind.

Versa Carry Holster

Ok, so I have addressed a few areas of contention…. now what do I like about this holster? Well, for one its ridiculously lightweight. How lightweight? Try 0.98 oz on my postal scale. That really goes a long way towards making that full sized heater much more bearable. The difference is immediately noticeable. Its also a great way to carry a small .380 as a BUG and would work out great to carry that BUG right on your hip behind your primary carry gun.

The other big selling point is that its only $20. Thats a great price for a quality holster. If nothing else, it makes for a perfect holster to just put in your waistband to run to the store to grab a gallon of milk. Its a big improvement over those metal knife-clip style holsters, and it wont chew your hand up when you’re shooting since its not attached to the gun. It also comes with a satisfaction guaranteed warranty. If you don’t like it, just send it back and Versa Carry will refund your money.

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*Special thanks to Romeo Tango Bravo for lining up this product review.