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Smart Carry Holster

That Texas Lady has a review of this deep concealment holster. From the pics she posted over there, it really looks like it makes the gun completely disappear. I personally am not really sold on the Smart Carry… to me, it seems like more trouble then its worth. But, it is one more tool in the tool box for CWP holders and may in fact be a wonderful solve for women. I just see this as a very specialized tool. Its a very interesting read. Go have a look.

Comfort: The comfort is great as long as you have some kind of undershirt between the velcro and your skin in the back. This outfit did not allow for an undershirt, so it rubbed a little. As you can see, I am kind of a bigger girl, and didn’t have any problem with the grip pressing into my stomach. I hardly noticed it was there at all. I did have to adjust a little bit when getting in the truck, but nothing too major.

Gun Ride: The ride is great. You might want to fold your hands in your lap if you are seated without a table, set your purse or a book in your lap or something. Someone might wonder what the bulge is where a lady shouldn’t have one, hehe.

New armor plates can take multiple .50 cal hits

Via Kit Up

A scientist has come up with a new ballistic plate that can withstand hits from a .50 cal. It uses a new alloy called Kryron and can be used to armor vehicles or personal body armor plates. Defense Review has a very detailed look…………. here