Monthly Archives: June 2011

New website:

Yes, a new website has been launched by the good folks over at PredatorBDU (who is a sponsor of this site, and a great place to buy your gear, BTW) They gave me a sneak peak the other day, and I must say it looks great… Right now you can even get a FREE SORD USA Operators Hat (an exclusive that is only on their website) for orders of $150 or more…. (you must enter code and put hat in shopping cart. Promo Code: ARMAMENTOPCAP4TH)

*This also made me chuckle:

Operator offline? Yeah, because he’s off killing terrorists!

Anyway, head on over there and check them out… they have some great prices and some really awesome gear!

Regarding that Ruger 77/357

Ahhhh… The Ruger 77/357. I think it has a lot of potential. Its a handy little size and weight, but there is one thing about it that is a deal breaker for me….. I dont like the fact that it is a bolt action (but you would have known that already if you were following along on the Twitter Net).

I think the most obvious applications for a gun of this size/weight is to be a utilitarian rifle of sorts – home defense/pig slayer/truck gun. In all of those applications, I would rather it have been a semi auto (ideally) or even pump or lever. Honestly, I would put down my money tomorrow and buy one except for the simple fact that it is a bolt action. Thats just a deal breaker for me.

*Also important to note is that Ruger stated on the Facebook page the other day that you can’t shoot .38 special rounds in this gun…. Rim lock.

**Ruger has a few videos up here

Pocket pistols and personal defense

Paul Markel over at Shooting Illustrated takes a look at this subject and talks about the recent pocket pistols class at Gunsite. The idea being that you really do need to practice, practice, practice with that mousegun and not just buy one and put it in your pocket. You (or your wife/girlfriend) need to actually become proficient just in case shit actually does start hitting the fan.

A  veteran firearms instructor once opined that American shooters, “like to talk .45s, shoot 9 mm and carry .38s.”