Acceptance Speech

Alternate Title: New Hotness!

I’d like to thank the academy… my agent… all the fans that bought my album…. I hate George Bush, meat is murder, and the Wall Street Execs should be in jail!


In all seriousness…. If you have not heard yet, this blog was nominated for two Gunnie Awards and actually walked away as the winner in the “Up & Comer” category.

As I said earlier, I dont really know how my name got on that list, or what person or persons felt that I deserved a nomination, but I was very grateful to be recognized. I dont really feel like I did anything to deserve winning this award, but I am extremely grateful to everyone who felt that I deserved a vote. So, Thank you…. Thank you very much. I am very humbled and extremely honored that everyone who voted for me felt the need to do so. I think that all of the blogs that were nominated are outstanding, and every single one of them is well deserving and could have justifiably walked away with this award.

I also want to say that I am incredibly grateful to the entire gun blogging community who have welcomed me into the fold. I have not been doing this very long, but you all have seen fit to welcome me into gun blogging’s inner circle with open arms, and for that I say thank you. I am very grateful to be apart of this community and am very proud to call myself a gun blogger.

All the winners were announced at the 2011 Blogger Shoot This past Saturday, and I wish more then anything that I could have been able to attend. From what I have seen posted on The Interwebs so far, the shooty goodness was excessive to say the least… And everyone is speaking very highly of the great hospitality shown by the good folks at LuckyGunner

*BTW, can I get in the Up & Comer category again next year… cause I aint gonna stand a chance against those other big dogs in all the other categories.